Five podcasts about illustration, design and freelancing

As a freelance I spend most of my day working alone in front of the computer or drawing for personal projects and clients. At first, I used to listen to music while I was working, but to be honest guys, I started to get bored. That’s why I decided to look for some interesting podcasts about illustration, design and freelancing and today I want to recommend you the five I hear most often.


Guys, for me, this is one of the best podcast when we need and extra motivation dose. If I am looking for inspiration I always appeal to Dan Berry and his dialogues with great illustrators and designers. Thanks to this podcast I have known new artists and styles. The show has been up and running since 2012 and it has more than a hundred interviews to comics creators and artists. The dialogues are so relaxing and, as strange as it sounds, sometimes I feel I am with them, drinking a cup of tea and talking about artistic processes and professional anecdotes. Thanks to ‘Make it then tell everybody’ I have learned a lot of tricks about how to stay organized and how to get new clients. If you like it as much as I do, you can become a patron on his Patreon website.

Very similar to the previous one, created and hosted by Thomas James. Conversations with illustrators, art directors and other art industry representatives are the basic topic. The interview is more academic. The format is denser but no wearier. My favorite episodes are the ones dedicated to Claudine Hellmuth, Jolby and Liz Lomax. If there is one podcast you should be listening to it is this.

This podcast is co hosted by two young and amazing girls, both of them working as a digital/web designers. I feel so connected with Charli and Femke because we are living almost the same kind of things in our professional life. This is a show about design and side projects for motivated creators. If you are interested on design and you are in the very beginnings of your professional development I highly recommend you this podcast where you can find new topics every week about the ‘design life’. Each episode is less than half an hour long. My favourite topics are: ‘Getting useful feedback on your work’ and ‘Being your own worst critic’.

Almost everything about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. The show launched in 2005 and quickly gained an audience. It has around 250 episodes. Currently discusses about Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. Each episode is one hour long. In winter, I love drinking a cup of black tea after lunch and painting with watercolors while I’m listening to an episode of this magical podcast. What a lovely afternoon!

You guys have to know Fran Meneses or Frannerd. She is a great illustrator based in London. Eduardo Pávez is her husband and a talented writer/ photographer. Apart of their own careers, they are writing a new book about adult friendship and this weekly podcast let them promote their new adventure. Some of the topics they used to talk about are travelling with friends or how to make new friends after uni. I really enjoy listen to this awesome couple chatting about taboo topics in their living room. A funny, emotional and hilarious podcast you must know.

So, these are my five favourite podcasts at the moment. Please, let me know which ones you enjoy the most. I’d love to listen to new creators. Lots of milky tea, lemonade and cookies from sunny Spain. Have a great weekend!

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