About | Cristina Matías | Design & Illustration
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Cristina Matías García in her studio

Cristina Matías is an independent illustrator and graphic designer working and living in Spain but she started her proffesional development in Birmingham, UK. Inspired by bright colors, nature, film photography, classic movies and simplicity. Minimalism is one of her most valuables rules in life and work.

She graduated in Audiovisual Communication, specializing in digital graphic design, multimedia creation and interactive communication. In addition, she is passionate about marketing so she complemented her education with a MBA in Digital Marketing.

Through the years, the love of drawing and painting remained, and inspired her to start illustrating freelance. Her work is a playful mix of digital and hand-drawn illustration made using gouache, watercolors and color pencils. She also loves to experiment with new media.

Now, she divides her time between running her own online shop and creative studio and her full-time job as a graphic designer in a national company. She is available for commission and has prints and goodies available to buy in her online shop.


Email: hello@cristinamatias.com

Phone: +34 622064882